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The Lith-Ex AVD fire extinguishers have been specifically developed for controlling and extinguishing Lithium battery fires. The range of extinguishers is available in the Netherlands in 2 liters, 6 liters and 9 liters volume:

Lith-Ex AVD Brandblussers
Lith-Ex AVD Fire Extinguishers

Lith-Ex AVD Extinguishers are available here online.

A Lithium battery fire cannot be extinguished with a regular extinguishing agent. When a battery goes into ‘thermal runaway’, the cell temperature rises rapidly and a lot of (toxic) gases are released. This is why the only way to extinguish a battery fire is to provide cooling and cut off the oxygen. This is why aerosols, foam and powder are hardly effective media for a battery fire.

Aqeous Vermiculite Dispersion

The Lith-Ex agent AVD (Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion) is a non-toxic agent that provides cooling on the fuel source and forms an oxygen barrier that still allows cooling. AVD consists of at least 13 percent vermiculite, which is a natural refractory mineral.  AVD is not electrically conductive, is inert and environmentally friendly.