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About KMA Fire Protection

The KMA group of companies was established as a sail making company in the Netherlands in 1866. Over the years, the organization has been recognized as an industrial textiles specialist and a reliable partner for the aerospace, defense, offshore and logistic industries.

Within the KMA Group, we have experienced a strong rise in the demand for fire protection solutions. Because of these developments, we have established a new division called KMA Fire Protection in 2020.

Solutions for Lithium battery fires

Our new division is specialized in all matters related to fire safety with a focus on mitigating risks with Lithium-Ion batteries. Our services include risk analyses, passive fire protection solutions with our unique E-Powershield fabric and active fire protection solutions with our Lith-Ex AVD extinguishers. 

For more information about KMA Fire Protection please call us on +31 515 331 344 or send a message via the contact form here.

The KMA Fire Protection office is located in Heerenveen, the Netherlands.

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