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Specialists in fire safety solutions for Lithium-Ion batteries

KMA Fire Protection is a specialist division of KMA Group BV. Our services include the distribution of Lith-Ex AVD fire extinguishers, manufacturing of bespoke battery covers and fire suppression kits. Sectors we work for include the aviation industry, defense, automotive, energy and logistics.

KMA Head Office International Business Park Heerenveen, the Netherlands

Risk analysis for use and storage of Lithium-Ion batteries

A regular risk assessment for fire safety should already be on the list for every organization. In today’s age, with the vast increase in battery-powered devices, vehicles and energy storage systems, this has become even more important and urgent.   

Thermal runaway process

Although, in general, Lithium batteries are a very safe energy source, incidents do happen and the consequences can be tremendous. These incidents can start within just a single cell which then spreads to surrounding cells starting an irreversible chain reaction. Such a thermal runaway leads to fierce flames and temperatures reaching well over 1100ºC. In addition, a huge amount of toxic gases and smoke is being released which causes immediate danger to the surrounding environment.